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Is it me or do you find that those 13 hour flights feel more bearable when the flight attendants look fresh and happy? This is not about being naturally good looking. It’s about outward appearance and being aware of how you present yourself to the world could affect positively towards your attitude in the way you approach life. I felt compelled to discuss this with a particular 30 something year old flight attendant, who always looked fresh every time she passed by. Her makeup was intact and her skin was dewy throughout the entire flight. Although, I noticed she wasn’t wearing heavy makeup, her skin looked really natural.  I would like to think that she inspired everyone else around her to hold back their schlepping traveling ways and put on their best face.
We talked beauty and how traveling is an art for her, and once I told her some of my favorite beauty products including Emani cosmetics (of course), she gasped and went back to her cabin. Few minutes later, she came back to show me her makeup bag with her Emani Hydra Wear 12 hour Foundation and Concealer. “It’s the only foundation and concealer that keeps my skin fresh looking after a long flight because it has hydrating properties.’ she commented. (I still find excitement and surprised when someone uses Emani as it’s not that widely distributed, yet).
Here are more some more beauty tips that she shared with me to keep her looking fresh and radiant.
1. Just because you’re traveling, doesn’t mean you should look like you just rolled out of bed. Be comfortable but look presentable.
2. If I know I’m getting on a flight, I apply a mask the night before to give my skin an instant boost. Select a mask that cleans out your pores and deeply moisturizes. You want a mask that especially hydrates under the eye area.
3. Select makeup that has hydrating properties and lightweight. It will look fresher after a long flight. Try: Emani Hydra Wear 12 hour Foundation and HD Corrrective Concealer. The right foundation and concealer makes you look awake even if you’re operating in only couple hours of sleep.
4. For eyes, I use natural looking false lashes or a lash curler with mascara. And always, always, I line the eyes with a liner or liquid eye liner on the top of the lash line. Eyes are key when communicating with people. I want our passengers to feel comfortable and welcome.
5. I refrain from wearing a fragrance to be mindful of the passengers with allergies or have different tastes than mine. Instead, I’ll use a lightweight hand moisturizer with a fresh scent.
6. I touch up my makeup only once during a flight and that’s only to check if I need to reduce shine. Blotting papers are good, but a powder will also do.
7. I travel with a facial mister. This also helps to my skin looking fresh and it helps when I need an energy boost.
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