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It was announced last week that Country Music’s pop-star sensation, Carrie Underwood (a longtime vegan) and Brad Paisley are set to co-host the 2013 Country Music Awards (airing November 6, 2013) for the sixth consecutive time together!

I know the Country Music Awards are a couple months away, but as we are Carrie Underwood fans at Emani, I couldn’t help daydream about how killer it would be to hang out with her backstage – have her discover Emani makeup, talk about vegan things and all things good for you (and maybe she would even break into my fav song).

My daydream went something like this:


Don’t you just love getting your hair and makeup done?


Yeah, I have an awesome hair and makeup team.


You’ve been vegan most of your life. Is that why you have an amazing voice?




As a vegan, I think you would appreciate what Michelle Doan has developed at Emani cosmetics. Since the 90′s (before vegan was even vegan), Michelle made it her mission to create a makeup line that was all natural, non-toxic and vegan without compromising on the quality of application.


Wow, that’s cool. I’m a true vegan meaning I don’t eat meat or use animal products. I am always willing to try anything good for you. What would be your top 5 Emani products you recommend for me to try?


Well, Carrie …(and here would be the part where we would play with makeup) – I think you would look great in:

1. For Lips – I noticed you love the ‘nude pink lip and bold eyes’ look. Emani’s lip formulas are super hydrating and the shades are so gorgeous.

Try this: Emani Hydrating Lip Color in Dolce and Emani Lip Shine in Social Climber

2. For Lashes – Your lashes always look great. Emani has a soy infused mascara that gives length and volume.

Try this: Emani Organic Soy Infused Mascara

3. For Eyes – May favorite eye trio that I cannot live without is Emani Trio Eye Shadow in Feeling Blessed (love                          the name). It’s great for everyday. But for a pop-star like yourself,

Try this: Emani Trio Eye Shadow in Temptation (also love the name)

4. For Cheeks – A pop of color on the cheeks adds a little definition, but it also gives you natural healthy aura.

Try this: Emani Pressed Blush in Miami Tan

5. Primer – Before you put on any foundation, use this primer. Michelle really has our back on this product. It’s a primer and serum! Under those bright lights on stage, this will help prevent your  makeup from moving and keeps your skin looking dewey and hydrated.

Try this: Emani Primer Perfect 10 Primer & Serum

Carrie:       Wow, thank you! I can’t wait to try everything.

Jacquie:  I know you’re about to go on stage soon, but could you sing a verse of the ALONE song from Heart that  you sang on American Idol when you won? It’s one of my favorite songs.

Carrie:       Sure, I would love to. (She sings and crushes it.)

Jacquie:     Thank you, Carrie. You have a great voice and love you. It was so great to hang with you. Good luck up there!

Hey, a girl can daydream, right?

See you next time,



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