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Welcome to Emani

Our goal is to help everyone to achieve healthier skin.

Whether it's acne or loss of collagen, our Fermented Serum Collection and skin-caring Foundation Collection feed skin everything it needs to bring dull and stressed skin back to life


NATURE MEETS SCIENCE microbiome diversity is key to healthy skin

Only the best of natural & organic ingredients are hand-sellected

Proprietary 3-Step-Fermentation process breaks down nutrients into smaller molecules

Filtered extracts are used in formulations to deliver healthy, glowing skin


  • probiotics &
    fermented lactobacillus
  • fermented ginseng
    and skin-superfoods
  • collagen, niacinamide,
    hyaluronic acid & B3
  • plant-based & certified
    organic ingredients

01 ingredients

Our scientific formulas contain a high concentration of probiotics, fermented ginseng and other active ingredients at skin-friendly pH levels to ensure that all of the ingredients were recognized by the skin and easily absorbed.

02 delivery

Probiotics and fermented ingredients are made up of tiny molecules that are much smaller than traditional skincare ingredients, they absorb quickly onto skin and promote skin elasticity, combats acne, and slows down the effects of aging.

03 easy to use

Easy to use, no complicated skin care system. Emani serums can be used with any skin care regime, under makeup and sunscreen. Emani is safe to use on acne and after laser or skin treatments.