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We know that concealers help cover blemishes, dark circles and imperfections. However, with so many different types of concealers that come in different shades and various forms, it can be intimidating. Read on, and learn how to use concealer right the first time!
There are pro concealer palettes with greens, blues, oranges and pinks that are used to mix and blend. Unless you really know your color correcting principals or a professional makeup artist that has two hours to work towards photo-perfection, this can be a daunting solution, and not realistic for everyday use.
Emani’s HD Corrective Concealer formula ($18.00) has done the color correcting for us to make it easy to apply and be done. Also, it’s infused with Vitamin C so it helps to treat blemishes and reduce redness and discoloration.
Here’s how to use it and make it last:
1. Select a shade that is a little lighter than your foundation color. This helps to brighten the tone of your skin.
2. To use, first apply primer  on your dark circle or blemish. (Try: Emani Hydrating Primer Serum) This is a key step. The primer helps the concealer to adhere. Emani’s Hydrating Primer Serum has aloe and chamomile to treat and calm blemishes.
3. Then, apply the concealer with your index finger and pat gently (You can also use a flat skinny brush). Remember, a little goes a long way and you can always build on to it.
4. Apply your foundation. Since the concealer is a little lighter shade in color, gently apply your foundation on top of the concealer to bring it to your skin tone color shade. (Try: Emani Hydra Wear 12 Hour Foundation $30.00). This will neutralize the brightness and will help to avoid the raccoon eye look.
5. Finally, apply powder. Use a puff or a brush. This will help to set your makeup and make it last all day. (Try: Emani Perfecting Crushed Foundation Powder $26.00) . Hope you enjoyed reading about how to use concealer the right way!
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