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Emani Heritage

Emani vegan cosmetics Heritage

Established in 1998

Huntington Beach, California, U.S.A

Emani Vegan  Cosmetics is the balanced combination of compassionate and conscious living, a commitment to healthy, beautiful skin, and empowering you to be your classy, edgy, sophisticated, suggestive, true self.

Emani passionately believes in individual beauty.

We believe that ALL women  beautiful, and we aim to empower that beauty with luxurious product range.

Believe + Innovations + Passion


Utilizing potent dose of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, peptides, natural/organic oils, plant extracts to elevate and maintain the health of your skin. We treat our makeup as if it's your skin care.


    All of our ingredients are 100% vegan, even our makeup brushes


    Proudly certified by and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

  • 100% GLUTEN FREE

    All of our ingredients are 100% gluten free, just to reduce any allergy risks


    We screen all the ingredients so you don't have to. We formulate for the most sensitive skin and no matter where you are in your life's journey, we have products that help to elevate your complexion to the next level


    We never formulate with mineral oil, talc, nano-particles and cheap fillers.


    Formulated for the most sensitive and discriminating skin, Emani makeup uses natural ingredients to nourish the skin and encourage healthy skin-cell regeneration for a fresh, gorgeous complexion.


EMANI Vegan Cosmetics is rooted in the transformational journey of its founder, Michelle Doan. Michelle suffered from cystic acne and sensitive skin her entire life. After trying various treatment programs and different types of makeup to cover her problematic skin, her condition only worsened. Frustrated with the way mainstream cosmetics products only exacerbated her skin issues, she set out to create a line of clean, glamorous makeup suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.Formulated for the most sensitive skin Emani makeup uses natural ingredients to nourish the skin and encourage healthy skin-cell regeneration for a fresh, gorgeous complexion. 

As a makeup brand, is being green and healthy for your skin really enough? Absolutely not. Women don’t buy makeup to be green or natural – we buy and wear makeup to feel beautiful. We look for products delivering quality and performance. Most of us have bought “natural” makeup at some point only to be disappointed with the results and functionality. Emani is designed for sensitive skin yet our products are fashionable and glamorous at the same time. The Emani product range is synonymous with high performance, luxurious texture and long lasting quality.


We simply want you to look beautiful with your make up on and off. We want your skin to look its best when all the paint and glamour that we call makeup comes off to reveal your real, true self. Healthy, glowing, (dewy), smooth and velvety complexion is what we all strive for; it is our mission to deliver products that nurture your complexion.”

Emani believes in simplicity. Our ingredients lists tend to be shorter than those of other companies – intentionally. We utilize only the most functional ingredients in our makeup products alongside state of the art manufacturing methods to create undeniable results.We don’t cut corners in the formulation or manufacturing processes as we are committed to giving you the most advanced beautifying product possible. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with Emani makeup that we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.