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The best part about concealer is the virtually unlimited ways to use it! Traditional formulations are made with ingredients such as Talc, Petrochemicals and Parabens, which are not only toxic, but drying and irritating to the delicate eye area, causing that “cakey” concealer look under the eyes.

Cake is great to eat for the Holiday’s (vegan cake of course) it is a major concealer faux pas.

Emani’s HD Corrective Concealer is created with Vitamin C to firm and brighten. It’s also formulated with a variety of seed oils to ensure the best hydration under your delicate eye area. The nutritious formula is also perfect for contouring and highlighting. Say hello to your new holy-grail beauty product!

Emani Vegan Cosmetics makes getting the look easy! Here are our favorite tips to flawless concealer:

  • To cover dark circles and brighten under eyes never apply foundation under your eye area. The skin under your eyes is more thin than the rest of your face, which is why this area tends to be more dry and sensitive

Libbyafter triangle

  • Add a small triangle under each eye (note: avoid the “half-moon shape” commonly seen. The triangle gives a lifted effect) and lightly blend into skin, by tapping with your ring finger or using a small buffing brush

Remember: concealer is created to have more coverage than foundation. A little bit of product goes a long way, be careful not to overuse it. You can always layer more after you blend for more coverage if necessary

  • Apply foundation first and then concealer. It’s best to see what your foundation covers first and then go in with concealer. If you apply your concealer first you’ll remove most of it while applying your foundation

Libby Contour

  •  For contouring and highlighting, our Emani expert artists recommend using a thin veil of Hydrawear 12 Hour Foundation to even skin tone and then using two different shades of concealer for contour and highlight in the areas that best accentuate your facial features. Bonus tip: Use 1-2 shades lighter for highlighting and 1-2 shades darker for contouring

P.S. Now that we have cake on our minds, try this Vegan Vanilla Spelt Sponge Pumpkin Mousse Cake this holiday season…mmmm….



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