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The Best Makeup Products for a Natural and Fresh Look

The Best Makeup Products for a Natural and Fresh Look


I have a little secret to share with you all: I am the founder of a cosmetics company and I had horrible, sensitive, and cystic acne prone skin! You always think the face behind a MAKEUP line would have the perfect #nofilterneeded face, but I was the exception. It was NEVER my lifelong dream to own a cosmetics company; I was a TOMBOY with CYSTIC ACNE, for crying out loud! The more I tried to hide my acne, the worse it got. Out of desperation and extreme frustration, in 1998, I decided that enough was enough. No more feeling sorry for myself and no longer will I invest in products that aren’t good for my skin.

You know that saying, “necessity is the mother of all inventions”?!
Well, I did just that.

I created EMANI Vegan Cosmetics because I was TOTALLY fed up of feeling frustrated and, quite frankly, "ugly". Yup… I said the dreaded “U” word. To me, healthy, glowing skin equates to beauty.  I wanted to fall back in love with my skin and I wanted to FEEL worthy, confident, strong, and BEAUTIFUL! I wanted my outer beauty to reflect my inner beauty.

The best part: I was not alone!

(Picture of Michelle in the beginning of EMANI)

In the last two decades, I've dedicated my life to make the BEST products possible. 
Why did I do this? Well, through my extensive research and endless conversations with thousands of women like yourself, listening to what we as women wanted and needed, I found that there were SO MANY of us that were ready for a luxurious line of cosmetics that were actually good for our skin.

We don't just want pretty makeup, we want to feel BEAUTIFUL in our own skin! We want to be the best version of our unique SELF. We don't want to spend countless hours trying to hide imperfections (and ultimately failing). We need products to help cure our skin! We need products to WORK and PLAY as hard as we do. We want to take our makeup off at the end of the night and to have our skin still feel radiant, glowing and, dare I say, HEALTHIER than ever before! No matter what age we are in or what stage of life we are entering, we want products that actually WORK.

I passionately believe in individual beauty and that ALL women are gorgeous, so I made sure that EMANI was developed under the same values of empowering all of us to have healthy, beautiful skin to allow us to be our true, confident selves.  

Yes, our products are 100% Vegan, Peta Certified, 100% Gluten Free, and Free of Undesirable Ingredients, but they are also Long-Lasting, High Performance, and Fully Glamorous, too. We treat our makeup products as if it’s your line of skincare, because we want you to have your cake and eat it too!

One of my favorite things about EMANI is how EASY it is to achieve a fresh face look with only 3 products. In LESS THAN 7 minutes, you can head out the door having easily achieved a fresh, gorgeous complexion, or you can use these products as a base and get your glam face on! The sky's the limit, so have fun with it!

Now, let’s go on to the top 3 products for a fresh face, shall we?!

  1. Perfect10 Primer Serum

This ombre green bottle is not only pretty but also ESSENTIAL! We created a Primer that is gentle for even the most sensitive of skin types to use every single day. It creates a luxuriously soft finish on your skin helping to even skin tone, reduce redness, and minimize pores. Starting with a primer is essential before makeup application as it actually helps you to use less makeup. By creating a more smooth and even canvas, you require less foundation coverage and, therefore, make your products last longer.

“This Primer is easy to put on and helps my skin stay soft. I love it!” - Andrea

  1. Hydrawear 12HR Foundation

Now that you’re primed and ready, you need a foundation that gives you flawless, even coverage, but that also looks natural and fresh. This luxurious foundation is appropriately named “Hydrawear” because of how it penetrates and infuses all layers of the skin with rejuvenating moisture. Say goodbye to foundation settling into fine lines – Hydrawear provides a dewy finish that actually diminishes those lines, wrinkles, and pores! Your skin will feel fresh and hydrated all day long, and the coverage will last you until you wash your face at the end of the day.

“Love this foundation… this makeup provides a flawless finish and is perfect for sensitive skin. Love it and I have tried 100’s of products – this is the best!” - Miriam

  1. Organic Soy Infused Mascara

You probably thought I was going to end this list with a powder or bronzer, but I am a FIRM believer in mascara, especially this one. It just gives your eyes that boost of wakefulness and brightness, helping to pull that fresh face together. Whether you wake up feeling tired or sluggish, you can truly turn your day around with a cup of coffee, a fresh face and the power of good mascara. This dual-action product checks two boxes: superior mascara and a lash treatment. On one side, this mascara helps to darken, separate, curl and lengthen lashes. On the other side, this product provides nourishment to promote lash strength and health with every use.

“WOW!! I’m SO impressed! ZERO smudging… ZERO flaking and stayed on ALL day! My lashes looked thicker and I LOVE knowing this mascara is nourishing them at the same time!” - Tricia

There you have it, my top 3 products for a fresh face. You can stop there and head out the door knowing your makeup looks flawless on the outside AND is working for you on the inside helping to encourage healthy skin-cell regeneration and skin nourishment. OR, you can continue and create your ideal glam look with our wide variety of powders, bronzers, shadows and more!

Did you have a transformational skin journey that you’d love to share? Share it with me in the comments below! I love reading your stories and knowing I was not alone in searching for skin I was finally comfortable in, and I hope that your journey ended with you discovering EMANI!

Michelle Doan | Founder of EMANI Vegan Cosmetics


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