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Most of us cringed the thought of wearing makeup during workouts, we all like to look great while working out but – seriously ladies! How To Wear Makeup During Workouts? Study have shown that 70% of women apply makeup before hitting the gym and mascara is the top gym makeup of choice.

At Emani we love makeup but not necessarily during a workout, yoga or sleep.  One of the best parts of working out is detoxing your skin through pure sweat. Who doesn’t love a good sweat after soul-cycling or Bikram? The right supplements, good nutrition, drink plenty of water (during workout & through out the day) and a great workout will reward you with a fantastic complexion – glowing skin; rosy cheeks, clear eyes and a hot, healthy body.

BUT..if you must wear makeup, we came up with a 2 quick fast cheating makeup at the gym tips:

1. Eyes are the window of the soul. Use a makeup wipe and clean most of the face leaving the eye makeup, liner and brow. Make sure your mascara is smudge-proof, nothing attractive about running mascara when you’re actually running on a treadmill.

2. Kissable lips. Light, sheer, healthy looking lips. Try tinted lip-balm or your favorite Emani Lip Shine gloss to give your lips that fresh, sexy finish.

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