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One of the best parts about Halloween is that you can be inspired by a look and customize it to best fit your personal style and the amount of time you have to get ready.

One of our favorites is inspired by this gorgeous editorial piece created by created by Eugene Souleiman (on model Dree Hemingway for Vogue Nippon.) This look has consistently made it among the top pinned Halloween looks for its glam appeal, edge factor and the ability to easily recreate your own.

You can spend as little as 15 minutes for a “lite” version, or you can spend as long as you want to customize it, play it up and have fun with it.


Here’s how you can get the look with your favorite Emani Vegan Cosmetics:

This look isn’t about perfection…the messier the better! The focus is the eyes, eyebrows and contouring. We recommend layering and blending a series of different shades to create a high level of dimension to really create that “wow” factor.


1. Start with Magic Sealer Eye Primer to make sure your look will last all night! (Don’t forget to add a little under your eyes and around the tops of cheekbones where you will be applying shadow)


2. Crushed Mineral Eye Dust paired with the V4 Contour Brush is the perfect combination pack on pigment and stand out. To get the blown out effect shown in the image above, start by layering on in shades 863 Purple Haze (dark shade) and 154 Mrs. Know it All (lighter purple/pink shade) in the crushed mineral dust.

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset


3. After pigment is distributed all over your lid (keeping darker to the outer edges and lighter towards the inner corners of eyes), take your V3 Shadow Brush to blend out the edges all the way to your eyebrows. Be sure to leave a just a small space in the arch of your brows open to add your highlight later.


4. When blending and adding color, add the dark colors under your eyes AFTER you have completed the overall look, as you might have some “fall out” (shadow that falls under your eyes) that will need brushed away.


5. To add a glittery effect and create even more dimensions, use the Hybrid Crème Eye Color in 1309 Scandalous. This shade and creamy formula is also perfect for the contour and temple area.


6. Next take the V5 Brow/ Liner Brush paired with your favorite Emani brow product and fill in your brows, don’t be afraid to go darker than your typical shade to intensify the look.


7. Use the Hybrid Crème Scandalous Eye Color (previously used) to start adding purple hues through your temples, above the eyebrow and slightly above the apples of your cheeks (a little bit higher than you typically would with blush).


8. For the glistening highlight, Crushed Mineral Dust in 166 Icy is the perfect shade to give serious glow. Tip: Mix the pigment with a little bit of water or Perfect 10 Primer Serum to turn it into a crème. Layer the pigment on just above your brows and at the very tops of cheekbones.



9. What’s Halloween without false lashes? We love House of Lashes, and they are Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Eco-Friendly! Check out their “How to Apply Lashes” guide to help in easily applying your lashes.



10. Complete your look with your favorite Emani Lipstick. For a fun purple lip to match the eyes, wear shade “Temptress” and dab a little bit of the Scandalous shade (used earlier) on your lip for a extra glam effect.


Remember to have fun with the shades, mix it up a bit and customize it to best fit you and your costume.

Alt view of look

Our top three favorite costumes to wear with this look are:


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