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Start 2016 with gratitude and a new perspective! Emani is not just about “makeup”, we want to support you in your life’s journey. It’s easy to let the beauty of living itself pass us by. Celebrate life, celebrate you, celebrate your journey.

Louie Schwartzberg’s Ted Talk on gratitude inspired us to create a new outlook for 2016. In his discussion, he quotes “beauty and seduction is nature’s tool for survival because we protect what we fall in love with. It opens our hearts and makes us realize we are part of nature and not separate from it.” This realization is amazing on your life’s journey because, through connection of all things, we are able to live mindfully and let gratitude flow from us. By opening your eyes to the simple beauty of the world and accepting gratitude you will feel the benefits of higher self-esteem, improved energy levels, and even better sleep.

Here are a few of our favorite tips and quotes that share how to make gratitude part of your journey:

  • Start a gratitude Journal. Write everything you are thankful for. Be thankful for the trees and the oxygen they give you, thankful for a person, write it all down. Even express your thankfulness for what may seem to be a negative situation in your journey, as these situations are lessons to be used later in life.
  • See each day as a gift. As you walk through your day open your eyes to the beautiful gift that life is. What motivates you, what drives you? Where do you see beauty in the day? Learn to recognize the gifts in your life and appreciate them.
  • Shift your perspective. By changing the way you think, you change everything you see including yourself, others, the universe. Every single thing requires a shift in perspective to see beyond ourselves.
  • Let light in. As your perception begins to change, be open to letting light that flows through you. As light comes in, it also radiates out. By being a representation of light, those who come across your path will be touched.
  • Send thank you notes. Think about how you feel when you get a thank you card. The joys, excitement, love…by sending someone a thank you card, you are sharing those same emotions with them. Take some time this year and send a few handwritten notes as an expression of gratitude.


  • Positive vibes only: The cells in your body react to everything that your mind says and negativity brings down your immune system. Keep the negative out by only letting positivity in.
  • Get your #truthbomb cards from Daniellela Porte to “break you’re your heart and soothe your soul”.
  • Enjoy what you have. There is a quote that says, “When you finally get something good, enjoy it. Don’t always go looking for something better” We’re programmed to always want more, want something better. Be happy with what you are given today.
  • Daily practice. Practice of gratitude must be done daily. By recalling 3 things you’re grateful for everyday for 21 days, you can actually “rewire” your brain to be happy.

Remember that gratitude can be practiced by anyone, anywhere, anytime. It’s all about releasing judgment, opening your eyes, filling your heart and letting the blessings of life flow through you.

How do you practice gratitude?

“Put down your shield and stand in the rain of blessings”


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