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Creator of Emani Vegan Cosmetics

Emani Vegan Cosmetics is deeply rooted in the transformational journey of its founder, Michelle Doan. Michelle has suffered from cystic acne and sensitive skin her entire life. After trying various treatment programs and different types of makeup to cover up her problematic skin, her condition only worsened.

After being apart of the fashion industry as a designer for years, Michelle grew deeply frustrated with the mainstream cosmetics that only exacerbated her skin issues. Michelle was constantly searching for a solution in a career where looks and good skin are paramount. She had spent over a decade visiting her dermatologist, trying various treatments that where all too harsh and led to dissapointment.

During the 90's era, the vast amount of information that may be found online today was not as readily available. We did not have the benefit of revelaing "You-Tube" videos or instant information on the products that we chose to consume. Although we have advanced in technology, there are still many un-natural and toxic ingrediants in cosmetics and personal care products that do not belong on our absorbing skin.

An inovator somewhere once said, "Necessity in the mother of all invention". This quote could not ring more true with Michelle's story because out of her need to wear a make-up healthy for her skin, she made her first personal foundation on the kitchen counter of her apartment. Today we are fortunate enough to be working with some of the brightest minds in cosmetic development and amazing new technology.

When Michelle started Emani, she was going through a divorce with two young boys looking up to her, with a small life savings and no back-up plan. Not only was she PASSIONATE and DRIVEN, but she had no other choice but to succeed. Failure was not an option.

It is not enough for a cosmetics brand to be "green" and healthy for your skin. We can all agree that we don’t by make-up just because it is natural, we buy it to feel beautiful and glamourous too! As make-up lovers, we are looking for products that deliver quality and high performance and the buying decisions we make direct the market for the upcoming generations. As consumers, we should demand clean and functional make-up products in order to ensure a healthier and a more naturally beautiful future.

Michelle is a working mother who is on a mission to provide her soon to be teenage daughter a better personal care options. She has a deep concern for the next generation and creates each product as if it was made personally for her own daughter's skin

It's deeply rewarding to create products that are the solution for those of us with sensitive and problematic skin. At Emani Vegan Cosmetics, our mission has always been to make clean yet high performing products for our loved ones, moms, friends, daughters, and YOU!

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